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Nina Ripe I barely know how it happened, but one enchanted afternoon in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro, I found myself in the studio next to Guinga - a legend whose poetic music has bewitched me for so long. Together we recorded his beautiful "Bolero de satá" as if in a dream. Tranquility arose, time stood still. This is what music is to me: moments of complete presence, pure emotions, a sense of being totally alive. Not perfection, even though the combination of technical virtuosity and sensitive interpretation is sublime, but authenticity, devotion and tenderness.

Let's leave Rio de Janeiro for a while and turn north to Stockholm, Sweden, where I grew up in a home in which music flowed, as did hot-blooded emotions. My mother, despite being Swedish, undoubtedly had a Latin soul and Latin appearance. My father, very tall, handsome blonde and blue-eyed, had - I suppose you could say - a Viking-temper. It wasn't exactly easy growing up in that explosive environment, but there was love and there was this wealth of most varied wonderful music. Classical, jazz, bossa nova, tango, folk, pop... I am so grateful that I got to enter this rich world early in my life, even though my father could drive me mad by playing bebop through the nights, when I needed to sleep. However, Saturday mornings, waking up to Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington or Bach or Villa-Lobos, was bliss. Music became my life, despite the fact that I graduated in other fields (law, journalism and communication).

I recall watching a very popular TV-show one evening as a small child. One of the guests on the show was the divinely gifted Brazilian vocalist, Elis Regina who, at the time, was recording in Stockholm with another exquisite musician, Toots Thielemans. They performed together on the show and absolutely knocked me off my feet with their musicality and joy. Here began my eternal love affair with Brazilian music! I have an open mind when it comes to music; well actually, regarding everything, I like to think, but the music of Brazil has a very special place in my soul. I suppose the beautiful melodies and harmonies appeal to my romantic nature. Their sensuality, passion, poetry, warmth, joy yet meditative melancholy and yearning, as they say in Portuguese, "saudade", make my heart-strings sing.

And now I've been in Rio and recorded some melodies from this magical musical landscape. Hurray! Saúde! I've been so lucky to meet some very talented musicians who helped me fulfill a dream. I hope you enjoy the results of my meeting with Guinga as well as the rest of this materialized fantasy: my record
"Apaixonada - Brazilian Stories".

Love, Nina